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Cook With Us

Pineapple Flan Over Stove
Create a creamy, refreshing traditional flan right on the stove top.
A skillet with pineapple flan near a can of La Lechera and plates with flan slices and berry garnish.
El Mejor Nido - Play
Strawberries and Cream Gelatin
Enjoy the cool refreshing flavors of strawberry, cream and gelatin balanced beautifully in this show stopping dessert.
A plate with strawberries and cream gelatin near a stack of plates and scattered strawberries.
El Mejor Nido - Play
Potato Salad
Toss together a rich and zesty potato salad made creamy with Carnation evaporated milk.
A bowl of potato salad with olives, onions, peppers, egg, peas and potatoes.
El Mejor Nido - Play