Graveyard Cake

Graveyard Cake

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With creepy crawly bugs and frightfully delicious graves set upon a frosted final resting place, this devilishly moist cake will be the "life" of the party. So spooktacular, this sweet cemetery will have everyone digging for more! Find more Halloween recipes at the Nestlé Kitchens blog.


30 mins. to Prepare

28 mins. Cooking Time

30 mins. Standing Time cooling

88 mins. Total

Servings: 12

Difficulty: Easy

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PREPARE cake mix according to package directions using one 13 x 9-inch baking pan. Cool completely in pan. Invert cake onto serving platter. Frost cake, using a little more frosting than usual on top ("tombstones" will be pushed into frosting).

WRITE spooky words such as "RIP" or "BOO" on Crunch bars using tube icing. Let sit for a few minutes to dry.

PRESS Crunch bars into cake to create "tombstones". Sprinkle chopped Butterfinger bars next to tombstones to create "dirt". Creatively place gummy bugs over top of cake.

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me encatanta intentare hacerlo


This was fun and easy to do with my daughter and little sister. They loved it!


It was the easiest and the most incredible idea ever! I made it for my friend's Halloween party and everyone was so impressed and they all loved it that I didn't even get a piece! It was gone just like that! Thanx!


I thought the cake was magnificent it tasted wonderful i love it so i would recommend it for any kid or parent who is having a party and would like to impress there guests !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I needed a quick but eye-catching halloween recipe for a school project, and this cake was easy to make and eye-catching at the same time. IT IS SO GOOD, EVERYONE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CAKE, AND THEY KEPT ASKING FOR SECONDS, THIS CAKE IS A FUN ACTIVITY AND MAKES YOUR KIDS WANT TO GET INVOLVED IN BAKING!!!


This dish was delectable.This was probably the best Halloween dishes i have ever tried in my life! One thing i would like to add is maybe some plastic ring spiders. That was a big hit at my party!



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