La Lechera Citrus Dessert

La Lechera Citrus Dessert

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Endulza su día con el sabor agridulce del Postre de La Lechera®, Limón y Naranja. No hay que calentarlo y resulta perfecto para que los más pequeños ayuden a prepararlo.

15 mins. to Prepare

0 mins. Cooking Time

240 mins. Standing Time refrigerating

255 mins. Total

Servings: 9


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MIX sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, orange juice and orange peel in medium bowl; set aside.

LAYER one Maria cookie in each of 9 dessert cups. Evenly spread 1/3 cup La Lechera citrus mixture over the 9 cookies. Repeat process four more times with cookies and La Lechera citrus mixture, finishing with layer of La Lechera citrus mixture.

REFRIGERATE for at least 4 hours or until cookies are soft. Garnish each cup with orange triangles and mint. Serve immediately.

Can also be prepared in a baking dish. Layer bottom of 8-inch-square baking dish with 9 Maria cookies. Top with 1/3 cup La Lechera citrus mixture. Repeat process four more times finishing with a layer of La Lechera citrus mixture.

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