Peruvian Potato Salad

Peruvian Potato Salad
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Recipe Info - Serving Size
12 servings
Recipe Info - Prep Time
30 min
Peru gave potatoes to the world and this Peruvian Potato Salad is one of the most famous potato appetizers from the Peruvian highlands. The local herb, palillo, in this dish reflects Indian origins and lends a bright yellow color similar to turmeric. Yukon gold potatoes are comparable to the yellow Peruvian papa amarilla, and any hot pepper, like serranos or jalapeños may be substituted for the ají paste.


Step 1

Combine onion, peppers, finely chopped garlic, cilantro, juice from 1 lemon, ¼ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper in small bowl. Cover; refrigerate for up to one day.

Step 2

Place queso fresco and evaporated milk in blender container; process until well blended. Add 1 hard cooked egg (sliced), crackers, ají paste, coarsely chopped garlic, palillo, juice from ½ lemon and oil; blend until smooth. Season to taste with salt, if desired. Place in bowl. Cover; refrigerate for 2 hours until chilled. Sauce will thicken while cooling.

Step 3

Fold chilled potatoes and sauce together with a rubber spatula.

Step 4

To Serve, line large serving platter with lettuce leaves. Arrange potatoes with sauce in center. Sprinkle top with freshly ground black pepper. Place onion salsa around border of plate surrounding potatoes. Garnish with olives, remaining hard cooked eggs (quartered lengthwise) and tomato wedges.

Step 5

*If queso fresco is hard to find, substitute 6 ounces feta cheese and 2 ounces of cream cheese, mixed until combined.


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