Quick & Creamy Pudding
Quick & Creamy Pudding

Quick & Creamy Pudding

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Your pudding will be velvety smooth, rich and creamy, just like homemade with the addition of Carnation Evaporated Milk.

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SUBSTITUTE Carnation Evaporated Milk for regular milk in your instant pudding.

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I was doubtful at first that it would make this too rich, but I was wrong. I'll never go back to using plain milk in pudding again.

This is what I made for desert. It was awesome.

If you really want to try something good. Pour chilled carnation milk on top of chocolate ice cream. UUUUMMMM!!!!!!

My family loves pudding this way over using regular milk. It makes the pudding so rich and creamy using the evaporated milk. I make them in individual Gladware 1/2 cup round cups so that they can take them in their lunches. This is definitely the way to make pudding!!!

Yes, I use Carnation when making pudding --- it makes it so creamy and delicious. It just seems to have a wonderful taste and flavor that milk does not give. It also has all the nutrition need, and this is important. I do use the Low Fat (most of the time).

It's so delicious and so easy to make. Once I began using evaporated milk in this recipe I don't use regular milk anymore.

This is good stuff. I'll never use regular milk when doing pudding.

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