Tropical Burgers

Tropical Burgers
Recipe Info - Skill Level
Recipe Info - Serving Size
8 burgers
Recipe Info - Prep Time
20 min
Recipe Info - Cook Time
8 min
Take a Summer favorite to the tropics with juicy grilled pineapple slices and give it some heat with a creamy chipotle sauce. Serve with aioli to complete this backyard feast.


Step 1

For aioli, mash finely chopped garlic with salt using the side of large knife blade until it resembles a paste.

Step 2

Whisk egg yolk, lemon juice and mustard in a medium bowl.

Step 3

Whisk olive oil and vegetable oil in a separate bowl.

Step 4

Add oils to yolk mixture, ½ teaspoon at a time and whisking rapidly. Continue until all oil is added and emulsified. Whisk in garlic paste and salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Step 5

For chipotle sauce, place yogurt, evaporated milk, lime juice, chile, remaining garlic clove and 1/4 teaspoon bouillon in blender; cover. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Step 6

For Clásico rub, combine coffee granules, sugar, pepper, coriander, oregano and 1/2 teaspoon bouillon in a small bowl. Set aside.

Step 7

For burgers, combine beef, soy sauce and remaining 1 teaspoon bouillon in a large bowl. Mix with hands until thoroughly combined. Divide into 8 balls and flatten into ½-inch-thick patties. Make a thumbprint indentation in the middle of each patty.

Step 8

Brush grill pan with cooking oil or spray with cooking spray. Heat over medium-high heat.

Step 9

Sprinkle ½ teaspoon of Clásico rub on each side of each patty. Place patties on grill pan and cook for 4 minutes on each side. Place on a plate and cover with foil to keep hot.

Step 10

To assemble, spread aioli on tops and bottoms of hamburger buns. Place Romaine lettuce on bottom halves of buns; top with burger, cheese slice, onion, tomato slice, about 1 tablespoon chipotle sauce and grilled pineapple slice. Cover with bun tops and serve. Serve with remaining chipotle sauce. Refrigerate any remaining chipotle sauce.


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