Latin Christmas Favorites

This Christmas treat your guests to a delicious array of traditional holiday dishes from different parts of Latin America. From sweet to savory recipes you’re sure to find a recipe that everyone will love.

A loaf of Venezuelan ham bread beside slices stuffed with ham and green olives.

Venezuelan Ham Bread

Ham Bread is a traditional Venezuelan holiday dish. A simple but very impressive bread stuffed with ham, olives and raisins.

A slice of paneton filled with dried fruit and nuts on a plate with a fork.

Peruvian Paneton

Skip the store bought paneton and prepare your own at home. It is a delicious edible gift for your loved ones. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare.

A plate of almond shortbread cookies topped with cherries and icing.

Puerto Rican Glazed Shortbread Almond Cookies with Cherries

These quick and simple to prepare Puerto Rican cookies will make anyone’s day. Serve them at your holiday table for a sweet treat.

Chocolate coconut bars on a curved wooden serving tray.

Cuban Turrón de Coco

Surprise your guests with this sweet Cuban dessert after enjoying your Christmas Eve feast. You can also wrap them up for your loved ones as edible holiday presents.

An unwrapped tamale on an orange plate with poblanos and chicken.

Chicken and Poblano Tamales with Cilantro Crema

These chicken tamales have great texture and flavor, with the spiciness of poblanos and the creaminess of cilantro crema.

A chocolate cake topped with flan and caramel.

Flan Cake (Flan Impossible)

This Flan Cake (Flan Impossible) is a unique alternative for family and friends entertaining. You'll love the layered look and flavors of this inverted cake.

Glasses of Chilean Cola de Mono with cinnamon sticks beside a folded cloth placemat.

Chilean Cola de Mono

The theory behind the name is that this potent Christmas drink will have you swinging like a monkey! Another story links the name to former Chilean President, Pedro Montt. Whatever its origins, you’ll enjoy toasting family and friends at the holidays—or any time of year—with this creamy creation.