Let's go Argentina!

Let's go, let's win Argentina! Encourage the "albiceleste" with your favorite flavors.

An empanada stuffed with peppers, green olive and beef on a brown plate.

The Empanadas

In Argentina there is a great variety of empanadas and they vary by region. These empanadas made with beef and potatoes are inspired by the salteñas that use ingredients such as paprika, cumin, hard-boiled eggs and green olives.

Pancakes with dulce de leche are very popular in Argentina. This version uses a crêpe that is thinner than the pancake and adds bananas and nuts to create a delicious dessert.

Two plates with Argentinian Chocotorta, a thin layered chocolate cake.

Argentinian Chocotorta

Prepare this very Argentinian Chocotorta in just 20 minutes and enjoy it at the end of the game.

This refreshing drink is inspired by the favorite sweet of Argentina: The dulce de leche. Celebrate each goal of the "White and light blue" with this Cinnamon Iced Dulce de Leche.