Moist & Flavorful Turkey Tips

Get help for making the most flavorful turkey at every step of the cooking process. Find out the do’s and dont’s for shopping, preparing and roasting your turkey.

Sliced turkey with herbs and tomatoes on a vine.

Buy it Fresh

Use a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one since ice crystals can damage the meat, resulting in moisture loss while roasting.

A whole turkey on a platter with fresh greens, a whole pear and rosemary sprigs.

Don't Tie (Truss the Turkey)

Tying the legs tightly against the sides of the turkey will take longer to roast, resulting in an unevenly cooked turkey with a dry breast.

A whole turkey on a platter surrounded by orange slices.

Let it Rest

Let the turkey rest (covered) for 20 minutes before carving. This will seal the juices in the meat.

Salt water brine with orange peel and rosemary.

Soak Overnight

Soak the turkey in a flavored salt-water brine overnight. Simply fill a large container with water, MAGGI tabs or salt and fresh herbs, and submerge the turkey.

Sliced turkey with bunches of rosemary.

Roast Upside Down

Roast the turkey upside down first. This will allow it to baste itself without having to open the oven door, which will lose precious heat.