How to Cook Frozen Pizza on a Gas Grill

Before you reach for those burgers, dogs or brats, why not try something special for your next cookout? It’s time you master the secret art of how to grill pizza.

A family passes slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza around a picnic table set with pasta salad and wooden plates.

It’s a JACK’S® Thing

When it comes to grilling pizza, JACK’S got your back. Both JACK’S Original Thin Crust Pizzas and JACK’S Max Pizzas can be cooked on the grill. And once you see how that real Wisconsin cheese melts perfectly onto a pizza crust with just the right amount of crunch, you’ll want pizza on the grill every single time.

A pepperoni pizza steams and cooks on a gas grill in front of a seated crowd.

Grilled to Perfection

Here’s a few tips to make sure your JACK’S pizza is grilled just right:

  • Make sure to use a gas grill only. This ensures that your frozen pizza cooks evenly.
  • Be sure to rotate the pizza halfway through cooking so all that Wisconsin cheese gets a chance to melt.
  • Visit JACK’S Grilling Guide or the product page for your favorite JACK’S Max Pizza to find detailed grilling instructions and cook times. Note: not every gas grill is the same so be sure to adjust the time and temperature as necessary.