Hosting a Posada, Made Simple

Bring the tradition of Las Posadas to your own home this season. Use this helpful guide to make planning your event a breeze.

A ceramic bowl of chicken posole with cabbage and radish.

Slow Cooker Chicken Posole

Prepared in a slow cooker, Chicken Posole is a delicious soup traditionally served on Christmas. This version is also great at any time of the year. Top with shredded cabbage, sliced radishes and lemon juice.

Store your leftovers in a resealable food storage container and serve it as a garnish with breakfast for overnight guests.

A plate of tamale tartlets made of corn masa topped with pork, cilantro and cheese.

Tamale Tartlets

For a fun party appetizer, these tamale tartlets are all you need. Corn masa on the bottom, topped with shredded pork, cilantro and cheese make easy tamale bites for a festive gathering.

TIP: Use your leftover tamale meat and masa for this easy recipe!

Dulce de Leche Christmas Punch

Holiday Punch

Served warm and full of fruit and spices, this Christmas punch fills the house with the smell of the holidays as it's cooking. A flavorful holiday treat!

A cup of ABUELITA dipping sauce surrounded by churros on a plate.

Coffee Churros

You'll need a pastry tube to make these delicious baked churros with chocolate Abuelita dipping sauce. More nutritious than frying, baking the churros before flash-broiling makes them crispy on the outside, perfect on the inside.

Sandwich cookies spill out of a resealable plastic container with large red ribbon.

Coffee Alfajores

These butter cookie sandwiches with a dulce de leche filling are divine! Caramelizing sweetened condensed milk gives the filling richness, and rolling the finished sandwich cookies in coconut and nuts makes them pretty. A great recipe for gifts or entertaining.

These cookies are a unique gift for neighbors during the Holiday season! Package them in a resealable food storage container to keep them fresh and decorate with a ribbon or bow.

A classic star shaped piñata.

Fun Surprise

The original piñata was shaped like a star with seven points that represented the seven deadly sins and the candies that pour out from it symbolize a new beginning. This year, bring the tradition to life and fill piñatas with treats, toys and candy bars for Las Posadas.