Spring Nutrition

Do you want to introduce your children to healthier and more nutritious dishes this Spring?

This article is comprised of attractive and fun dishes that your kids will love!

A piece of salmon with a ginger sauce and a side of green beans and rice.

Maggi Salmon

This salmon dish offers an irresistible combo: The delicious flavor of sweet ginger sauce and the Omega 3 fatty acids from fish that are ideal for heart health.

A bowl of kiwi, anise, strawberry, and mandarin oranges drizzled with condensed milk.

Anise Fruit Salad with La Lechera Drizzle

Who says healthy food can't be a treat? This anise fruit salad, drizzled with condensed milk, will surely delight everyone while meeting the requirements of fruit for the day.

This smoothie is low in calories but high in nutrition, while also delicious and refreshing. Ideal as a liquid snack or hot weather solution for your outdoor explorers.

Egg scramble made with cheese, avocado and salsa and a side of black beans.

Southwestern Scramble

It looks delicious and nutritious! Prepare this irresistible and healthful scramble for your kids. Add corn tortillas, cheese, and decorate with salsa and avocado. They will surely love it!