Tamale Making Tips

Learn the secrets of tamale making that made your mom or grandma’s tamales so special! Discover how to get moister and smoother masa. Follow our cooking tricks to enjoy savory and fluffy tamales.

A stack of tamales wrapped in corn husk on a white plate.

Pack the Pot

Pack the tamale pot with extra corn husks. This adds flavor to the steam and improves the flavor of the tamales.

A whisk rests on the side of a copper bowl.

Whip the Masa

Whip the masa harina with the lard, butter or shortening. Whipping adds in air and ensures a light and fluffy tamale.

An unwrapped tamale stuffed with corn and zucchini.

Use Corn Tortilla Masa

Tortilla masa is ground finer than tamale masa. For a moister and smoother dough try tortilla masa mixed with lard.

A measuring spoon spilling over with masa harina.

Season the Masa Harina

For a more savory tamale add spices to the masa harina before adding the lard. Some examples include paprika, garlic powder, chili powder and ground cumin.