The Merienda Tradition

The Merienda Tradition is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Here are some delicious recipes to enjoy your merienda together.

A blue ceramic mug filled with hot chocolate, orange garnish and whipped cream.

Your Way

In Mexico, la merienda is commonly shared in the late afternoon and favorite food choices typically include sweet rolls, cookies, cakes and hot chocolate such as Nestlé Abuelita.

Abuelita "Your Way" is a sweet take on hot chocolate. With three different mix options available: granulated, tablet, or instant, this drink will warm your day. Add coconut or vanilla extract or try it with soymilk.

Chocolate cookies with white icing on a plate and red napkin.

Light & Simple

Simplicity is the most important aspect of the merienda, as it is a light meal, and should not spoil your appetite for dinner.

These chocolate flavored Oatmeal Abuelita Cookies are rich in flavor and an attractive treat for any occasion. The cinnamon and vanilla glaze adds an extra touch of class to these easy to make cookies.

Saltine toffee topped with chopped nuts cooling on a cloth napkin.

Saltine toffee

Saltine Toffee melds the salty flakiness of saltine crackers with sweet brown sugar and chocolate morsels. Top with chopped walnuts for a perfect finish to this dessert for your next merienda.

A clear dish of rice pudding with golden raisins.

Rice Pudding

Cooked on top of the stove, this traditional rice pudding is delicious and very creamy. The blend of milk, raisins, vanilla and cinnamon make this recipe one of our best "comfort foods."