Tamale Making Party

Tamale making parties are a part of Latin culture. Enjoy this menu filled with both traditional and new twists on tamales.

An unwrapped Cuban style tale with corn, pork and chile on a plate with sour cream.

Cuban Style Tamales

These delicious Cuban style tamales are filled with pork and corn and are worth the time and effort. For a spicier tamale, add roasted green chiles.

An unwrapped Puerto Rican tamale filled with pork, chiles and olives on a ceramic plate.

Puerto Rican Tamales

These Puerto Rican Tamales take a little time but are well worth the effort. The filling is a delicious combination of pork, chiles, garbanzo beans, olives and raisins. Instead of masa made out of corn flour, this version uses a mixture of yautia, green bananas and plaintain. Yautia, also called malanga, is in the same family as taro root and can be found in Latin American markets.

An unwrapped beef tamale on a ceramic plate beside bowls of mole and seasoning.

Shredded Beef Tamales with Mole Sauce

Delicious beef brisket is slow cooked until extra tender and then shredded for these authentic beef tamales. Serve topped with mole sauce for added flavor.

An unwrapped chicken poblano tamale on an orange plate.

Chicken and Poblano Tamales with Cilantro Crema

These chicken tamales have great texture and flavor, with the spiciness of poblanos and the creaminess of cilantro crema.

An unwrapped quinoa tamale on a blue ceramic dish with a bowl of salsa.

Bolivian Quinoa Humintas (Tamales)

In South America, tamales are traditionally eaten in the Andean countries where there is a concentrated Indian population. Each country has its own way of preparing and naming them. In Bolivia, they are called humintas and are either boiled or steamed in corn husks. This version, seasoned with anise, cinnamon, and yellow pepper paste, is stuffed with a creamy cheese and quinoa filling.

An unwrapped sweet tamale with specks of cinnamon.

La Lechera Sweet Tamales

La Lechera Sweet Tamales are a tasty variation on a traditional Mexican dessert. Great for entertaining!

An unwrapped guava pecan tamale on a white plate with a fork.

Guava and Pecan Tamales

Guava and Pecan Tamales are delicious sweet tamales. Serve with chocolate sauce for extra decadence. Look for guava paste in Latin markets or specialty food stores.

An unwrapped chocolate tamale on an orange plate with a fork and creamy dipping sauce.

Chocolate Tamales

Abuelita Chocolate Tamales are sweet and delicious and a favorite treat treasured in Mexico and Central America.